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We're hiring workshop assistants for our Family SEND Workshops!

POSTED: 18 August 2021


We're hiring two workshop assistants for our Family SEND Workshops.

At Autograph we focus on exhibiting and publishing photography, which explores issues related to identity, diversity and human rights. We are strong advocates for representing and including people who are marginalised and have built our organisation around supporting those who have historically been excluded from participating in the arts.

In Spring 2019, Autograph launched the Family SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) Workshop programme, collaborating with lead artist Katriona Beales on its design and delivery. The programme has proven extremely popular, and we are currently preparing to double the number of workshops we offer. As a result, we are looking for two workshop assistants to make up a team of five staff who will deliver workshops together. Workshops are managed on the ratio of one staff member supporting one family. Assistants will also help with workshop set-up and take down and participate in team briefings and debriefs.

Workshops are developed around ideas of child-led creative play and sensory/material explorations. We create workshop environments which are open-ended, so that children and families can engage with the space in a way which makes sense for them. We prioritise the social- model of disability and create an environment which is welcoming and accepting of all types of ways of being in the space, adapting the environment to lessen the potential for anything which might trigger anxiety or distress in the children.

Over the year we will deliver a total of 24 workshops, which will be run as two, 2-hour workshops on the second Saturday of each month at our building Rivington Place in Shoreditch, London.

Scheduled dates for 2021 are: 9th Oct, 13th Nov and 11th Dec
Hours of work: 9am- 5pm
Rate of pay: £88/day (one Saturday/month), total of £1056 for 12 months

aims of the WORKSHOPS

• To improve access for children and their parents/carers to participate in creative workshops at Autograph

• To provide sensitively designed creative workshops which fulfil the needs and requirements of children with special needs, alleviating stress triggers for both child/ren and their parents/carers

• To enable children with SEND access to high quality art experiences and materials, where they can explore creative possibilities

• To enable parents/carers to experience the creative potential of their child/ren

• To create an accepting, welcoming and appropriate environment where children and their parents/carers feel valued and able to express themselves freely


• Work in a team of five staff to assist creative art workshops for five families who have a child/ren with SEND, designed so that the whole family can join in. A 'family' can include parents/carers, child/ren with SEND and neuro-typical siblings.

• Support workshop set up and take down as instructed by the lead artist or Learning and Participation Managers.

• Participate in workshop briefings and debriefs, providing feedback as part of the team’s overall reflection and learning process.

• Help to create a welcoming and accepting workshop environment.


• Demonstrated interest or experience in providing high quality creative activities for children and families with SEND

• An education background and/or work experience in the arts

• A sensitive, kind, and personable disposition, able to adapt to the various needs of the children

• Confident to work one to one with a family

• Experience working with children with SEND is desirable but not essential


As this role requires working with children a DBS check will be carried out.

If you have any questions, would like this information in a different format, or would like to discuss access requirements, please get in touch with Lucy Keany at

Please email a cover letter and CV by Mon 6th Sept, 9am to: Interviews will be held on Mon 13th Sept

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Banner image: As We Are But Not As You Know Us pop-up exhibition, 28 February - 14 March at Autograph, London. Curated by Katriona Beales. Photograph courtesy Zoë Maxwell.

Page images: 1 - 3) From family SEND workshops at Autograph. 4) From a family using Autograph's art kits.