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Creative workshops with Accumulate

POSTED: 30 January 2019

We're developing a new exhibition with youth homeless charity Accumulate - and participants attended their first workshops at Autograph

We're working with Accumulate on a new exhibition, featuring work by young people who are living in hostels or temporary accommodation in London. Autograph welcomed 19 participants to the first workshops to develop their practice and vision - in collaboration with artists, creative professionals and tutors.

Marice Cumber, the Director of Accumulate, tells us more:

"On the first day of the Accumulate project you just never know how many people will turn up. It's completely voluntary, it's out of people's comfort zone and it's located in an unfamiliar place. So you sit there with all this kit and wait. Two sessions in and we already have a committed group feeling very at home at Autograph. They're eager to learn, excited by their new knowledge, making friendships and so keen to explore and develop their creativity and creative potential.

The 2019 Accumulate participants are now all at the start of an exciting and intensive creative journey. They will get to learn skills in photography, creative writing, fashion, styling, podcasting and sculpture, explore cultural venues across London, have an exhibition, get to sell their creative work and start to get recognised for their talent and potential. Most importantly, they will develop as individuals, build their confidence and self esteem and start to become more positive about themselves and their futures."

The Accumulate exhibition is currently in development at Autograph - follow our research and progress here


Read about the Accumulate exhibition



Visit Accumulate's website


Hostels and organisations involved in the 2019 Accumulate exhibition include: Evolve, North London YMCA, Walthamstow YMCA, Freedom from Torture, Islington Centre for Refugees, Depaul Housing, Broadwater Lodge, and Ravensbourne University London.


Supported using public funding by Arts Council England
Ravensbourne University London

Images: Accumulate workshop at Autograph, London. Photographs by Sabela Peinado @sabela_street_photo