Disability and Visibility


A month of collaborative exhibitions and events

About the project

Ways of Being shares approaches to inclusion and art-making, focused on issues of visibility and disability. 

Set against a backdrop of austerity and increased hardship towards disabled people, Autograph has spent two years collaborating with groups and artists exploring identity through experiences of disability and neurodiversity.

We're now opening up our gallery to those collaborations for a month of exhibitions, workshops, screenings and events.

Ways of Being marks the end of the UK-wide EXPLORERS Project, highlighting the extraordinary contribution neurodiverse people make to art and culture.


Rivington Place



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Inclusive workshops 28 February - 14 March

Using green screen technology, artist Katriona Beales' sensory workshops use play and fantastical digital backdrops to transform how others perceive us and how we perceive ourselves. 

Beales has developed Autograph's first-ever programme for children with SEND (special educational needs and disabilities), and in her takeover is using the whole gallery for a large installation expanding on her approach to inclusion using creative play.
Facilitator Katriona Beales having her face painted by two children, at one of Autograph's Free Family SEND Workshops


Care, in the Post

How we built an inclusive workshop programme for children with SEND

Free Family Art Activity Worksheet


Family Art Activity Worksheets

Download our free worksheets packed with ideas for creative play - for all ages and abilities


Pop-up film exhibition 17 - 21 March

New video portraits by young artists with autism and a broad spectrum of learning differences, challenging how people like themselves are represented in mainstream media.

Each three-screen film features the artist speaking directly to the camera about their everyday life, flanked by shots of the places and things that inform their identity. Based in Hackney and aged 16 - 25, all of the filmmakers are members of Mouth That Roars, a youth media organisation.

A member of Mouth That Roars looking at the camera. They are wearing glasses. The text reads 'So that was a huge experience'


A Different Way of Seeing

A film installation by young artists, with autism and a broad spectrum of learning differences

A member of Mouth That Roars looking at the camera. The text asks 'What do I do everyday?'


A Different Way of Seeing

We have worked with Mouth That Roars to bring the film online

Group of young filmmakers from Mouth That Roars. They are shooting a film outside.


Autograph’s Ali Eisa speaks with Denise Rose from MTR

About the youth media organisations film, A Different Way of Seeing


Exhibition and events 24 - 28 March

Based in Hackney, Submit to Love Studios is home to a collective of self-taught artists. These artists have developed a set of unique practices and interests, refined over more than a decade. All of the artists have survived brain injuries - some use this to inform their work, whilst others take inspiration from the world around them.

We've been working with the Studio for two years. Don't miss their gallery takeover with a group exhibition, music, talks, workshops and more. 
A Colourful embroidery of a woman by a member of Headway East London

Pop-up Exhibition

Common Threads

See elaborate textile works by 20 Studio artists

Embroidery of a man with grey suit jacket and blue tie, by member of Headway East London.


Common Threads

We have worked with Headway East London to bring some of the exhibition artwork online

A member of Headway East London. They are wearing a colourful headdress and a leopard print top.


Portraits by Leon Foggitt

While the exhibition is postponed we're sharing a selection of the images

A member of Headway East London. They are holding their hands either side of their glasses.


"Neurodiverse artists star in ‘compelling’ online photography exhibition"

Read about Leon Foggitt's Submit To Love Studios portrait series in the Hackney Citizen


An Embroidery and print of four colourful faces.

Dance Workshop

Creatively Taking Up Space

Challenge the norms of being in a gallery space

An embroidery of a person wearing a green hat with a large red feather.

Monoprint Workshop

Poundland Portraits

Create some seriously thrifty prints with artist Billy Mann

An embroidery of a person wearing a white judges wig and a black jacket with a large white ruffle down the front.

Thursday Late

With Submit To Love Studios

Exhibitions, artist talks and performance

An colourful embroidery of a person wearing a large top hat and a smart patchwork jacket.


Exhibition launch

Celebrate with art, food and a talk by Studio artists



Everyone is welcome at Autograph. You can expect a friendly and inclusive experience during your visit. Our building is accessible, with step-free access to all spaces. Accessible, unisex toilets are on all floors.

Download Autograph's detailed Access Guide, with photographs of the building

If you would like a social narrative or sensory map of any part of Ways of Being, please get in touch and we will create one for you.

Have any questions? We would love to hear from you, contact us at 020 7729 9200 or email

People stood outside Rivington Place, home of Autograph gallery.


The EXPLORERS Project celebrates and raises awareness of the dynamic, extraordinary contribution neurodiverse people make to art and culture. Ways of Being has developed from a long partnership with Project Art Works and Autograph's participation in EXPLORERS.

EXPLORERS is informed and led by neurodiverse communities, in collaboration with cultural organisations across the UK and in Australia. 

The project is led by Project Art Works, the UK’s leading artist led organisation working with children, young people and adults who have complex support needs. EXPLORERS is supported by the Arts Council Ambition for Excellence Programme and Paul Hamlyn Foundation.


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Part of EXPLORERS, a three-year programme of art and conversation led by Project Art Works in partnership with with Autograph ABP Fabrica, De La Warr Pavilion, MK Gallery, National Institute for Experimental Arts UNSW, Photoworks and Tate Liverpool.

Ways of Being is curated by Ali Eisa and Lucy Keany.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England
Supported using public funding by Arts Council England
Also supported by Project Artworks
Also supported by EXPLORERS Project
Also supported by Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Also supported by Esmee Fairbairn
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Images, from top: 1) Courtesy Submit To Love Studios / Headway East London, 2019. 2-5) From family SEND workshops at Autograph. 6-7) Courtesy Mouth That Roars, 2020. 8-12) Courtesy Submit To Love Studios / Headway East London, 2019. 12) Main entrance at Autograph. Photograph by Zoe Maxwell