Autograph, London

Young London Photographers:
Common Ground

14 - 20 Nov 2018

Past Exhibition



Rivington Place
London EC2A 3BA, UK

past exhibition

This exhibition is now closed. View our current exhibitions here


See new work by 16 to 19 year-old London photographers, responding to the shifting political and cultural climate they live in.

The artists have worked with Autograph and University of the Arts London's Insights Programme in our Album project. Album provides access to artists, curators, mentoring and Autograph's Archive - supporting a new generation of photographers interrogating their own stories and identities.

The work in Common Ground demonstrates a deep awareness of what binds these young Londoners together. Their autobiographical approach explores issues around sexual identity, disability and homelessness - confronting notions of safe and unsafe spaces.

2018 artists

Jannell Adufo, Frankie Busby, Farihah Chowdhury, Hayleth Dawkins, Sara Fathi, Saran Ford-White, Ryan Gabison, Jess Hadden-Hampson, Chantae Henry, Courtney Jelley, Karain Mpeti, Celina Priebe, Trey Robinson, Filip Skiba, Rihaz Uddin, Lisa Vasconcelos, Rachel Velastegui, Toby Wright, Erica Da Silva

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Gallery 1

Retro Future

Couch Surfing



An Rinceoir Briste ~ The Broken Dancer~

ABOUT album

This is the sixth year of the Album programme - an outreach project by Autograph and University of the Arts London's Insights Programme.

Each year, Album offers young people from sixth form and further education colleges the opportunity to work with artists, photographers and curators to develop their practice and create new work. The programme is inspired by the notion of the family album, with its intimate, personal and revealing visual records

Based at London College of Communication and Central Saint Martins, the students collaborated on assignments which introduced them to a range of photographic genres and techniques. The 2018 Album showcase celebrates the students’ ambitious ideas as they create their own photographic narratives and find their place in contemporary practice.


Couch Surfing by Chantae Henry

Take a closer look at Chantae Henry's work addressing homelessness


Amor by Rachel Velastegui

The story behind Rachel Velastegui's photograph Amor


An Rinceoir Briste – The Broken Dancer

Courtney Jelley addresses disability in her work


special thanks

Special thanks to this years Album tutors Eileen Perrier, Derek Wiafe, Othello De Souza Hartley, Shepherd Manyika. Assisted by Jamain Gordon, Rory Sheridan, Ann Alagbe, Tharsini Mahendrakumar.

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Banner image: Rachel Velastegui, Amor [detail]. 

Exhibition preview: 1) Common Ground exhibition installation at Autograph, London. Photograph: Semen Sapaiev. 2) Rihaz Uddin, Retro Future. 3) Chantae Henry, Couch Surfing. 4) Courtney Jelley, An Rinceoir Briste ~ The Broken Dancer~. 5) Sara Fathi.