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Free Download: Neurophototherapy Publication

by Sonia Boué

POSTED: 20 November 2023

Launching artist Sonia Boué's new, life-enhancing creative self-help resource for neurodivergent people

Neurophototherapy was conceived during the first Covid lockdown in 2020, when artist Sonia Boué began a process of self-documentation at home while isolated from her studio. Sharing a series of satirical photographic self-portraits online proved transformational, and Boué gained a newfound confidence to unmask her neurodivergent identity through her art. Now Autograph are delighted to present Boué’s new innovative creative self-help book for other neurodivergent people. Encompassing materials from Boué’s two-phase Neurophototherapy Project, the publication has already been shortlisted for a Contemporary Collage Magazine Innovation Award, 2023.

This joyful and life-enhancing creative method offers a gentle invitation to ‘reconnect with the sparky kid who didn’t mask’. Neurophototherapy is for neurodivergent people and anyone seeking to explore their true identity in new and creative ways with readily available materials. This method is suitable for artists and creative beginners alike.

The publication includes explanatory texts, colour photographs, collage works, and contextual essays by Dr. Joanne Limburg and Professor of Performance at the University of Kent School of Arts, Prof. Nicola Shaughnessy. A free PDF of the publication can be downloaded below or a paperback version can be purchased here for £18.


A photo of Sonia Boué as a small child playing joyfully by an open front door

Neurophototherapy by Sonia Boué

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about the author

Sonia Boué

Sonia Boué is a neurodivergent multiform artist. She is also a writer on autism and art and a consultant for neurodiversity in the arts. She has a significant body of postmemory work and her current focus is neuro-inclusive practice-led research.

She has recently written two warmly received PDF/publications for BOM (Birmingham Open Media), Am I Autistic? (2022) and Autistics at Work (2023). Find out more on Boué's website.

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Neurophototherapy 2 is an Arts Council England (ACE) funded project. Project partners include Autograph, Crafts Council, NSEAD, Wellcome Collection and the Doug + Laurie Kanyer Art Collection.

Banner image: José García Lora, 1966. Courtesy Sonia Boué.

About the artist: Sonia Boué, 2020.