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Works From Autograph's Collection Now on Art UK

POSTED: 18 April 2024

We've partnered with Art UK to share works from Autograph's collection of photography: online, with schools and in a new outdoor display

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Autograph is an inclusive space where the myriad stories of marginalised people are valued and cared for, presented, published, discussed and shared. Our unique collection of photography addresses gaps in the visual representation of Britain’s cultural history and its diverse communities.

On Art UK, you can now view 100+ photographs from Autograph's collection – free to browse online.

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Seeing Differently Online Gallery

Exploring how photography can reflect on acts of ‘seeing’ and ‘being seen’

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Free Outdoor Display

A selection of workscan be seen on Autograph's gallery in London in a new display

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Learning Resource

Are you a teacher? The Seeing Differently resource is free to use online with your students.

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Autograph's Collection of Photography

Our unique collection charts the contributions of diverse cultures in Britain over two centuries

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Images: 1) Screenshot of Art UK featuring work from Autograph's collection of photography. 2) James Barnor, Untitled #2, two friends dressed for a church celebration, Accra, 1970s.