Seeing Differently: Learning Together Through Photographs

2023 - 2024

in partnership with Art UK and with Art Fund support


We co-developed a free online resource for schools through CPD sessions and artist-led workshops


To connect young people with diverse visual media and support teachers in making critical sense of images with their students


Autograph worked with six local schools, their teachers and students, artists and researchers to create the resource

ABOUT THE project

In 2021, a House of Commons committee found that 1 in 4 teachers reported lacking confidence in their ability to develop pupils’ understanding of Black history/cultural diversity.¹ In response, Autograph launched Seeing Differently: Learning Together, a two-year project in partnership with Art UK to research, make and distribute a free digital learning resource that draws on Autograph’s unique photographic collection.

The project aims to:
Support students to learn about subjects and stories that are often left out of historical and contemporary visual records and narratives, and meet a proven need for diverse curriculum content nationally.
  Offer free and accessible ways for teachers and students to engage with Autograph’s collection of photography charting the contributions of diverse cultures in Britain over two centuries.
  Support students and teachers in exploring the creative and critical power of visual representation in shaping an understanding of ourselves and of others.
•  Promote visual literacy by reflecting on the act of ‘seeing’ and of ‘being seen’, and support students to recognise their own agency to make meaning through image making.

Through the project we directly involved local schools, their teachers and students to develop the new resource through CPD and sessions with artist educators. Their experiences were recorded and included in the new resource, to build confidence in other teachers on how to have open and honest conversations about race and diversity with their students.

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project outcomes (so far)



Are you a teacher? The Seeing Differently resource is free to use online with your students. Access the resource


A selection of photographs in Seeing Differently can be seen on Autograph's gallery in London in a new display. Find out more


Exploring how photography can reflect on acts of ‘seeing’ and ‘being seen’. See more

what we've accomplished

100 students

Engaged with our collection through artist-led workshops


6 local schools

Participated in Seeing Differently

1 free resource

For teachers and educators to use in the classroom. 

2 artists recruited

To deliver creative workshops in schools

6 co-development sessions

Working with a group of teachers, artists and researchers 


125 photographs

From Autograph's collection introduced to students


5 artist-led workshops

Delivered in local schools

1 free outdoor display

On the side of Autograph's gallery in Shoreditch, London


1 online gallery

Of photographs reflecting on the act of 'seeing' and 'being seen'

what we've done

Co-Development Group

For Seeing Differently, Autograph brought together teachers, artists, researchers and educators to create a new resource for schools.

Members of the co-development group included: Andy Ash (Associate Professor at UCL Institute of Education), Priscilla Boonin (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lead and Year 6 Teacher), Ali Eisa (Learning & Participation Manager at Autograph), Jolie Hockings (Engagement Curator at Autograph), Kate Hodgson (Artist Educator at Halley House School), Amir Nathan (Head of Visual Arts at Eastbrook School), Dr Kanae Minowa (Honorary Senior Research Fellow at UCL Institute of Education), Dianne Minnicucci (Head of Photography and Deputy Curriculum Leader for Media Arts), Ella Phillips (Visual Artist), Daniel Regan (Visual Artist), Ruth Saddler (Art and Inclusion Lead at Riverley Primary School), Jaia Sowden (Team Assistant at Autograph).

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Co-Development Process

The group met to discuss, investigate and dismantle what learning resources are, and how they can best support classroom teaching.

We considered how we could collectively create a new resource, using photography from Autograph's collection to respond to issues facing young people in the education system today.

The aim of the resource was to engage students in conversations around race, representation, photography and visual literacy, and support educators to teach a more diverse curricula effectively and confidently. From the sessions, the artists in the group developed activities that were trialled and tested in partnering schools. The activities were reflected on and refined to make up the final resource.

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Workshops in Local Schools

In November 2023, artists Daniel Regan and Ella Phillips designed and delivered workshops in partnering schools to test run ideas that were developed in the co-development group.

The workshops set out to interrogate how we use photography to tell stories and how narratives can be shaped by the individual perspective of the person telling that story. They sought to draw on students' instincts and build curiosity, creativity and empathy within the classroom.

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New Learning Resource Published on Art UK

The teaching resource launched in April 2024 on Art UK. Seeing Differently: Learning Together Through Photographs is a free, online resource exploring how photography tells stories and how narratives can be shaped by individual perspectives.

The resource contains creative classroom activities and discussion points, plus online access to photographs from Autograph's collection. It's for KS 3-5, and some of the activities could be adapted for younger students.

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Outdoor Display and Online Gallery

We have shared a selection of the images chosen for Seeing Differently in a free outdoor display and a new online gallery.



The Seeing Differently: Learning Together resource was developed with artists Daniel Regan and Ella Phillips, in partnership with teachers and students from Eastbrook, Halley House, Randal Cremer Primary, Riverly Primary, Stoke Newington and Thomas Tallis schools.

in partnership with

with art fund support

¹ Quote from Black history and cultural diversity of the curriculum, by Rob Long, Nerys Roberts and Aaron Kulakiewicz, published 24 June 2021. Summary of key themes. Accessed on 20 June 2023.

Images on page: courtesy of the co-development team, schools, teachers and students engaged in the project.