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Between Feeling and Time: Brent in the 80s and 90s

Images from Roy Mehta's photography book 'Revival'

Roy Mehta is a London-based photographer whose work explores how different cultures and identities touch, engage and interweave. His photography project, Revival, is a tender depiction of the Afro-Caribbean and Irish communities of Brent, in the North West of London, captured between 1989 and 1993. Mehta describes this work as a kind of homage to the area where he grew up, surrounded by the voices and faces of a community with links from across the world.

“I hold these photographs dear because I locate them within a time of cultural and political solidarity with the subjects being framed.

— Dr Mark Sealy

Moving from profound moments of faith to quiet family moments and to the noisy streets outside, the images remind us that every moment is an opportunity for connection and reflection.

Photographs from the series — many of them unseen until recently — are collected in a book published by Hoxton Mini Press in 2021, with a foreword from Autograph's Director, Mark Sealy. The works are currently on display in an exhibition, curated by Laura Noble, which is on display until 29 May 2022 at Willesden Green Library, London.

Wedding, Acton Lane, NW London c.1989

Two people at a service in a Pentecostal Church in Willesden, NW London

Willesden, NW London c.1990

Acton Lane, NW London c.1990

Baptism, Brent c.1990

Couple embracing, Brent c. 1990

Harlesden, NW London, 1989

Church service, Harlesden c.1990

Brent c.1993

Twins, Harlesden c.1990

Couple outside a church, Harlesden c.1989

Brent c.1990

Frank building a wall, Kensal Rise cemetery c.1989

Barbershop, Willesden c. 1990

Wedding, Harlesden c. 1990

Church after service, Harlesden c.1990

Acton Lane, NW London c.1990

about the artist


Roy Mehta

Roy Mehta is a photographer and lecturer. His work has regularly engaged in different ways with cultural identity and belonging. He is drawn to seeing how we can explore difference, through images presented in 'Revival, London 1989-1993' and his other books and projects such as 'Distant Relations' and 'Coastline'. His work is in the permanent collections of Autograph, Historic England, The Library of Birmingham, The Harris Museum and Art Gallery and IKS Collection, Germany.

You can see more of Mehta's work on his website. Follow the artist on Instagram @roymehta.


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All gallery images by Roy Mehta are © the artist and courtesy of L A Noble Gallery.

Banner image: Roy Mehta, Acton Lane NW London, [detail], c. 1990, © the artist and courtesy of L A Noble Gallery.
Discover more images: 1) Cover of Revival: London 1989–1993, published by Hoxton Mini Press, 2021. 2) Don Travis, Bilqees and Lola, © the artist and courtesy of Future Hackney. 3) Roy Mehta, Church Service, Brent c.1992 © and courtesy of the artist.