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Parity and Representation in Photojournalism

Images from Unfolding Zine

Unfolding is the project of five photographers working in collaboration to bring parity and representation to the world of storytelling through the main discipline of photojournalism. The Unfolding team have over 25 years of experience working throughout the world, documenting global events and photo essay assignments. Here we share a selection of images from the first two editions of the self-published Unfolding Zine, covering a diverse range of issues from global human rights abuses to Africa Fashion Week.

The five photojournalists are Beresford Hodge, Thabo Jaiyesimi, Humphrey Nemar, Pierre Alozie and Sharron Wallace. Issues of Unfolding Zine can be purchased through Parallax Photographic Coop’s website.

Pierre Alozie, Demonstration Against the Blockade of Kashmir by the Modi Government, 2019

Pierre Alozie, Demonstration Against the Blockade of Kashmir by the Modi Government, 2019

Beresford Hodge, Grenfell - Oak Cenotaph, 2017

Beresford Hodge, Grenfell - The Embrace, 2020

Beresford Hodge, Grenfell - The Uncounted, 2018

Beresford Hodge, Grenfell - Guard of Honour, 2019

Thado Jaiyesimi, Amofa Afriyie at Africa Fashion Week, London, 2014

Thado Jaiyesimi, fashion reportage, London, 2019

Humphrey Nemar, Turkish Earthquake, 2023
Scenes of devastation in the area of Nurdagi, distraught local men sit in silence as rescue teams work to find people in the rubble

Humphrey Nemar, Turkish Earthquake, 2023
Indian army medics tend to a baby rescued from the town of Iskenderun

Sharron Wallace, Winnie Mandela, c.1995

Sharron Wallace, Maya Angelou, c.1995

Sharron Wallace, Jesse Jackson, c.1995

Sharron Wallace, Nelson Mandela, c.1995

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Unfolding Zine

Unfolding is a group of collaborative associates who execute their passion for photography through the discipline of photojournalism, reportage, press photography, and documentary storytelling. They are defined by their visibility to combat the world seen through the lens of a single socioeconomic group. They endeavour to forge and solidify new paths driven by equitable access for the next generation of passionate photographers. You can purchase Unfolding #0, Unfolding #1 and Unfolding #2 from Parallax Photographic Coop's website. 

Banner image: Beresford Hodge, from the series The Last, the Least, and the Left Behind [detail], 2017-2022 © and courtesy the artist.

All images © and courtesy the artists.