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Making Artists Living with Brain Injuries Visible

Leon Foggitt's portraits of the artists at Submit to Love Studios

East London photographer Leon Foggitt first approached Submit to Love Studios in 2016, after reading about their work in the press. The Studio is based at Headway East London in Hackney and all of its members are self-taught artists – and have survived brain injury. The group there have spent a decade creating and refining a unique set of artistic practices and interests.

After connecting with the Studio, Leon went on to photograph its members for a portrait series The Artists, and continues to photograph life at the Studio. A selection of his portraits were in our 2021 exhibition Common Threads, our latest collaboration with Submit to Love Studios. Leon’s photographs are not only sensitive portraits, they also make visible artists who are frequently overlooked in galleries and art spaces. They help to broaden the picture of who is an artist.

Yoki Mekuria

Nick Mayers

Chris Miller

Affiong Day

Tirzah Mileham

Cecil Waldron

Tony Brooks

Paul Wright

Marcus Mann

Billy Mann

Diana Takyi

Mark Taylor

Barry Child

Terry Bruce

about the artist


Leon Foggitt

Leon Foggitt is a portrait photographer based between London and Cornwall. Leon has a deep interest in people and what makes them tick. He is fascinated by the various passions and traditions many people hold close to their hearts. And by the wide range of characters that can be found in all walks of life that make the world all the more interesting.

Originally from Devon, Leon's work often draws him towards niche communities, small towns and open spaces. Whether making a portrait or photographing a place, he seeks out authenticity and approaches each subject with sensitivity. Leon has over 10 years experience working with clients ranging from small businesses and charities through to consumer magazines and global brands.

Find out more about the artist on his website. Follow Leon on Instagram.


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Common Threads was part of the EXPLORERS Project - led by neurodiverse communities, placing them at the heart of social, civic and cultural activity.

All images by Leon Foggitt, from the series The Artists. Courtesy of Submit to Love Studios / Headway East London / Leon Foggitt.