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Seeing Differently:
Learning Together Through Photographs

In partnership with Art UK

KS 3-5 Sixth Form Secondary
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A free, online resource exploring how photography tells stories and how narratives can be shaped by individual perspectives


UK Schools and colleges KS3-5. Some of the activities could be adapted for younger students


Art and Design, film and photography, history, citizenship

WHAT's inside

Creative classroom activities and discussion points, plus online access to photographs from Autograph's collection

About the Resource

How does our personal experience impact how we read photographs? Seeing Differently explores how we use photography to tell stories and how narratives can be shaped by individual perspectives.

Through creative activities and class discussions, this free online resource invites students to think deeply about how they read photographs and how their interpretation might be similar or different to others depending on their lived experience and identity. It also sets out to draw on instinct and build curiosity, creativity and empathy within the classroom.

The resource supports students in:

• Exploring photographs in Autograph's collection
• Developing a deeper sense of curiosity through drawing on gut instinct
• Analysing photographs to determine fact vs fiction
• Engaging in conversations about race and representation building empathy through listening to a range of responses and interpretations of photographs

PART OF the project

Seeing Differently: Learning Together

Connecting young people with diverse visual media and support teachers in making critical sense of images with their students

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resource background

This resource is a collaboration with Art UK and draws on Autograph's unique photographic collection. It aims to engage students with conversations around race, representation, photography and visual literacy, and support teachers to teach diverse curricula effectively and confidently. The activities included in the resource were developed from co-development sessions that Autograph organised with artists and teachers.

Collectively the artists and teachers explored how photographs from Autograph's collection could be used to respond to issues facing young people in the education system today. These activities were then trialled and tested in partnering schools.


This online resource is free to use. The resource offers a series of activities that can be used together as a lesson plan or as individual components to integrate into your own scheme of work. This is arranged into four sections: warm-up making activities, exploring curiosity and gut instinct, reading photographs: fact vs fiction and discovering the stories behind the photographs.

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View more than 100 photographs from Autograph's collection on Art UK

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Free Outdoor Display

A selection of works from Seeing Differently can be seen on Autograph's gallery in London in a new display

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Online Gallery

Exploring how photography can reflect on acts of ‘seeing’ and ‘being seen’

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The Seeing Differently: Learning Together resource was developed with artists Daniel Regan and Ella Phillips, in partnership with teachers and students from Eastbrook, Halley House, Randal Cremer Primary, Riverley Primary, Stoke Newington and Thomas Tallis schools.

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with art fund support

Banner image: Bandele ‘Tex’ Ajetunmobi, from the series East End Portraits [detail], 1950-1980. Courtesy Autograph, London.

Images on page: 1-3) Courtesy of the co-development team, schools, teachers and students engaged in the project.

See more from Autograph's collection: Ingrid Pollard, The Valentine Days #1 [detail], commissioned by Autograph. © and courtesy of Ingrid Pollard / The Caribbean Photo Archive / Autograph, London.