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Archive Learning Resource:
Diverse Britain

Primary KS 2-5 Secondary FE
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A free teaching resource of diverse photography produced in Britain since 1945, fostering a deeper understanding of the complex intersections of race, culture and individual identity

WHAT's inside

40 photographic teaching cards, posters, worksheets, teachers' guides and a timeline


UK schools and colleges, KS 2-5


Art & Design, Photography, Media Studies, History, Citizenship

About the Resource

Help your students build a deeper understanding of the complex intersections of race, culture and individual identity. Autograph's acclaimed Archive Learning Resource is built around 40 photographic images featuring portraits of Britain's diverse communities from 1945 - 2006, selected from our collection of photography. They document shifting notions of identity and Britain's transformation into a multicultural society, while addressing topics of migration, memory, representation, politics, family, history and heritage.

The photographs are accompanied by clear, accessible information about each image – plus posters, a timeline and teachers' guides with learning prompts and activities. Students will build visual literacy and consider how photography can help to understand ourselves and others, through the work of artists including Faisal Abdu’Allah, James Barnor, Dawoud Bey, Colin Jones, Lola Flash, Joy Gregory, Rotimi Fani-Kayode, Ajamu, Roshini Kempadoo, Dave Lewis, Dennis Morris, Ingrid Pollard, Eileen Perrier, Franklyn Rodgers and Yinka Shonibare.


what's inside

40 Image Cards

A4-size teaching cards with photographic reproductions, contextual information about the artwork, and suggested introductory questions for classroom discussion

11 Posters

You'll receive 11 different posters for your classroom, all A3 size and featuring photographs from the resource

4 Teachers' Booklets

Contextual information, learning aims, instructions on how to use the resource and activities for each Key Stage

1 Timeline

A fold-out, A1 size timeline presenting the photographs in chronological order alongside key social, cultural and political events - beginning and ending with the Windrush Generation

4 Worksheets

A worksheet with two activities for each Key Stage

2 Storage Folders

The Archive Learning Resource fits into 2 folders for easy storage when not in use

frequently asked questions

How much does the Archive Learning Resource cost?
Nothing, it's completely free! We will also ship it to your school (UK only) for free.

Is the Archive Learning Resource online?
No, this is a physical resource only.

I'm outside the UK, can I request a resource?
This teaching resource is for UK schools only. Have a look at our other learning resources, which may be a perfect match for your students

Do I need to report back anything?
We would love to know how you're using the resource, and any feedback from your students and colleagues. If you receive a resoure, you may be contacted by Autograph staff to fill in a short online survey.

Can I reproduce images from the resource on our school website or newsletter?
No, all of the images in the resource are by artists, and are covered by copyright. If you need images to communicate about the Archive Learning Resource, get in touch at

I don't teach at a school, can I still request a resource?
Possibly! Get in touch at to chat with us.

Can my school have more than one Archive Learning Resource?
To ensure as many pupils as possible can benefit from the resource, we limit one per school.

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Autograph's Archive Learning Resource was supported using public funding by Arts Council England. Also supported by Heritage Lottery Fund. Paper sponsored by Antalis UK.

Banner image: Dawoud Bey, Stuart Hall, 1998. © and courtesy the artist. Image card taken from Autograph's Archive Learning Resource.

What's inside: Features photographs by James Barnor, Yinka Shonibare and Colin Jones. © the artists.