Hackney, London

Thompson Hall at Old Street

August 2022

Past outdoor display

We're lighting up Old Street with artworks by London-based artist Thompson Hall


Old Street Digital Canvas,
Old Street Roundabout
London, EC1V 1JB

past event

This installation is now closed

ABOUT THE display

London-based artist Thompson Hall utilises abstracted symbols and text to shed light on issues of inequality in relation to politics, social change and marginalisation. To coincide with Autograph's display Thompson Hall: Inequality, Marginalisation and Social Change, Hall's artworks will be broadcast six metres high at the Old Street Digital Canvas in the heart of Shoreditch.

Hall’s journalistic art practice documents and explores his everyday experiences and current affairs. Working primarily in acrylic paint and pastels, he is influenced by the work of artists including Althea McNish, Ronald Moody and Kehinde Wiley. As Autograph’s artist-in-residence between March and May of this year, Hall used the creative time and space offered by the residency to develop his practice following Covid-19 related lockdowns. This display brings together the artist's past work with new paintings created during the residency, addressing issues of empire, social welfare, the cost-of-living crisis and the ongoing impacts of Covid-19. 


Universal Credit Crisis, 2019

Untitled (Political Sleaze), 2022

Graph of Disruption, 2022

about the artist

Thompson Hall

is a London based artist. Hall was awarded an Emerging Artist commission and a Micro Grant from Unlimited in 2017 and 2020. He has exhibited in group shows across the UK, and has had solo exhibitions at Regency Town House in Hove, Brighton Dome, and Glasgow's Project Ability. In addition, Hall is a resident artist at ActionSpace’s Cockpit Arts Studio.

Find out more about the artist via ActionSpace’s website.

also see Hall's display at autograph

Thompson Hall: Inequality, Marginalisation and Social Changed

31 May - 24 Oct 2022
If you're in the Shoreditch area, see our display of Hall's work on the side of Autograph's gallery

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Images on page: 1) Artist Thompson Hall with his display at Autograph. 2) Thompson Hall with his paintings at Autograph 3) Thompson Hall, Universal Credit [detail], 2019 © and courtesy of ActionSpace. 4) Courtesy Autograph / Mouth That Roars. 5) Thompson Hall, Polluted World [detail], 2018 © and courtesy of ActionSpace.

Exhibition preview: All images © and courtesy of Thompson Hall.