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About the exhibition

This year’s Album student showcase features new works by young photographers that explore cultural diversity, gender, race, sexuality, perceptions of men and women in society and the media, and familial bonds.

The themes that emerge in the exhibition illustrate how deeply young people are affected by the changing political landscape around them, and explore the impact of migration on personal and family experiences. A partnership between Autograph and University of the Arts London, Album is a creative photography project inspired by notions of the family album with its intimate and revealing portraits.

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Devised as an extra-curricular course, Album offers young people from sixth form and further education colleges the opportunity to explore their own creativity and understanding of photography. Over the past year students have worked with tutors, artists and mentors from Autograph and UAL to articulate what ‘identity’ means to them.

Based at London College of Communication, the students collaborated on assignments which introduced them to a range of photographic genres and techniques. Researching and taking inspiration from photography produced by culturally diverse artists and Autograph's collection, students were able to reference different artists and processes in the discussion, debate and appreciation of photography.

Tasked with considering themselves as both subject and photographer, the young artists could reflect on the power of image-making and examine representations of identity in their own work. The Album exhibition celebrates the students’ ambitious ideas as they create their own photographic narratives and find their place in contemporary practice.

“Album has been an amazing, inspiring project to work on, the students came to us full of fantastic ideas and it's been a privilege watching them develop these over the year into finished pieces while having lots of fun along the way.” - Lewis Bush, Album tutor

"Album is an exceptional project that gives young people the chance to work with art practitioners, academics, and curators. Over the course of the project, the young people get help in developing photographic skills, creative ideas, darkroom skills, through to an understanding of curating. Socially the project helps young people to build their confidence and express themselves creatively.

The project also gives young people an insight into the demands of what would be expected of them if they decide to go to university in the future. This year the students have been very committed, which is reflected in the work they have produced. The project is concluded with the young people having an exhibition in a prestigious gallery in Shoreditch" - Othello De'Souza Hartley, Album tutor


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Gentiana Alili, Larissa Amaral, Nico Ambrosio, Shopna Begum, Noor Breich, Casey Chantle, Morgan Clark, Tosan Maria Ebisan, Nair Furtado, Keith Gravino, Marielle-Mata-Mumvadi Mumvadi, Annie O'Sullivan, Jordanna Peter, Mateusz Pietrak, Julia Radzisz, Anna Safonova, Greta Stepanyan, Kaplan Urul, Ramune Valanciute, and Ayanna Sade Wilson.

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Supported using public funding by Arts Council England
University of the Arts London
John Lyon's Charity


Faisal Abu’Allah, Lewis Bush, Jacqueline Chambers, Othello De’Souza-Hartley, Eileen Perrier, Jamain Shaquille Gordon, Adrian Wood, Rory Sheridan

Banner images: 1) Marielle Mata, Strange Fruit, 2016. 2) Nair Furtado, Colourful Black, 2016. 3) Julia Radzisz, Utracona Tożsamość [Lost Identity], 2016. 4) Morgan Clark, "For Most of History, Anonymous was a Woman", 2016.

Page image: Identity Through Photography gallery installation at Autograph, London. Photograph: Zoe Maxwell.