Franklyn Rodgers

27 APRIL - 7 JULY 2018

Curated by Mark Sealy and Renée Mussai


Rivington Place



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About the exhibition

Photographer Franklyn Rodgers pays homage to a figure sacred in his life: his mother, Loretta.

Over several years, Rodgers photographed Loretta and the circle of friends important to her. The large-scale portraits in Devotion recognise the significance of these close-knit relationships: mother and son, and between friends.

His visual care for such deeply personal subjects is evident in the exquisite and refined grandeur of these works, the result of a methodology built on intimacy and trust. Rodgers’ photographs investigate what it means to look into the human face.

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He drew inspiration from work of French philosopher Emmanuel Levinas, who claimed that our individual obligations and morality are found in the recognition of the suffering and mortality of others. Identity becomes both a departure and return to the self.

This exhibition is an act of devotion to his mother and the intimate familial moments of love, care, tenderness and affection in these relationships. Loretta and the devoted network around her are a testament to the case for greater safekeeping and care across the human condition.


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About the artist

Since the mid 1990s, Franklyn Rodgers has established himself as an artist best known for his unique and distinctive photographic portraits - often working with large format and on traditional film.

Rodgers has exhibited internationally, including at the United Nations Headquarters in New York (2011); Southbank Centre in London (2011); National Portrait Gallery in London (2008); Royal Academy in London (2006); The Studio Museum in Harlem, New York; and during Les Rencontres d’Arles in France.

His work is held in the permanent collections of the National Portrait Gallery, Tate Britain and Autograph.His first monograph The Philosophy of Strangers was published in October 2007 by Autograph.

Also on at Autograph

Portrait of Baroness Doreen Lawrence

27 April - 7 July 2018

Newly commissioned portrait on display

Marcia Michael: I Am Now You - Mother

27 April - 7 July 2018

Free exhibition


A black and white photograph of a man on stage performing in to a microphone. His hat is tilted upwards and his shirt is split in to two different colours. Sweat is visible on his neck from the exertion of performing.


More than just the Windrush

A century of cultural contribution from the Commonwealth

Wed 30 May 2018, 7pm
Two visitors looking at Franklyn Rodgers large format photographs. The backs of their heads only are visible.


Exhibitions opening: Franklyn Rodgers and Marcia Michael

Free Entry

THUR 26 APRIL 6:30 - 8:30PM
Sepia-toned photograph of a man with his hands up around his face. He is surrounded by two halo-like glowing circles and has his eyes half closed as if he were bathing in the light they provide.


Franklyn Rodgers: The Philosophy of Strangers

£10 for a limited time

Baroness Doreen Lawrence, mother of Stephen Lawrence looks directly at the camera. The camera frames her whole face. She appears resolute.


Franklyn Rodgers' portrait of Baroness Doreen Lawrence

Can now be seen in the
Devotion exhibition

27 APRIL - 7 JULY 2018

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Banner images: 1) Frankyln Rodgers, Loretta Rodgers, 31 January 2006. 2 and 4) Devotion - A Portrait of Loretta gallery installation at Autograph, London. Photograph: Zoe Maxwell. 3) Franklyn Rodgers, Mrs Iris Simms, 2013.

Page images, from top left: 5) Syd Shelton, Ranking Roger, The Beat. Rock Against Racism, Coventry, 1981 6) Devotion - A Portrait of Loretta exhibition opening at Autograph, London. Photo: Zoe Maxwell 7) Franklyn Rodgers 8) Franklyn Rodgers, Doreen Delceita Lawrence, Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon, OBE. 27 March 2018. Commissioned by Autograph.