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Where We Belong

15 Nov - 2 Dec 2017

Past Exhibition



Rivington Place
London EC2A 3BA, UK

past exhibition

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about the exhibition

Join us for this year’s Album student showcase featuring new work by 16 to 18 year-old London-based photographers that explores notions of family, home, belonging, community, memory, and social and cultural identity.

The photographs in this display illustrate how keenly young people are aware of the complexities of the social, political and cultural landscapes they operate in, the real and virtual networks they are part of, as well as the nature and the strength of the ties that bind them to others. Often from diverse or multi-cultural backgrounds, many of the young artists eloquently address the impact of migration on personal and family experiences.

A widening participation partnership between Autograph and University of the Arts London's Insights Programme, Album is a creative photography project inspired by notions of the family album with its intimate and revealing images.

Over the past six months students have worked with tutors, artists and mentors from Autograph and UAL to articulate what ‘home’ means to them. Based at London College of Communication, the students collaborated on assignments which introduced them to a range of photographic genres and techniques. This year’s group of students has been particularly astute in adopting a variety of techniques.

The resulting presentation therefore contains Polaroids, installations, zines, wallpapers, as well as more traditionally printed photographs. Researching and taking inspiration from photography produced by culturally diverse artists and Autograph ABP’s collection, students were able to reference different artists and processes in the discussion, debate and appreciation of photography.

The Album showcase celebrates the students’ ambitious ideas as they create their own photographic narratives and find their place in contemporary practice.

This is the fourth year of the Album project.

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"Students discover what 'home' means to them"

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Anders Birger, Lewis Bush, Othello De’Souza-Hartley, Eileen Perrier, Adrian Wood, Jacqueline Chambers, Jamain Shaquille, Gordon Rory, Sheridan Tharsini, Mahendrakumar, Nair Furtado

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