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Sat 15 Dec 2 - 3pm

£5 / £4

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Meet Phoebe Boswell and learn more about her exhibition The Space Between Things. 

The artist will give a guided tour of her solo exhibition at Autograph, discussing her practice and the recurring themes in her work.

Boswell’s multidisciplinary art practice is anchored to a restless state of diasporic consciousness. She creates layered, deeply immersive installations to centre and amplify histories which - like her own - are often systemically marginalised.

A life-altering series of events serve as the genesis for the Kenyan-British artist's new work: an emotive interrogation of trauma, healing, and the poetics of endurance.
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In The Space Between Things, Boswell reflects on the rupture of her physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Using her art-making to explore a landscape of grief, she invites us to bear witness to a journey of recovery and possible renewal.

Visceral and candid, Boswell’s layered imagery moves from an East London operating theatre, where she undergoes surgery to save her right eye, to an angiogram of her broken heart, to an imagined monocular army that she summons for strength, to the blurred depiction of her blinded sight. We find her submerged in the contested space between land and sea at her family home on the shores of Zanzibar, where she retreated to recuperate.

The artist’s own figure features prominently. In the lead-up to the exhibition, Boswell will draw a twenty-meter long extended portrait of the self onto the gallery walls in soft willow charcoal. This is an act of both defiance – ‘I am here, I am present, I exist, I won’t be silent’ - and acceptance – ‘I'm fragile, I'm vulnerable, our bodies are fallible and unexpected’.

Transcending beyond a meditation on the self, the fractured nature of being and diasporic consciousness as a strategy of resistance emerge as recurrent themes. Boswell explores how one might articulate a shared language to express grief: creating a set of intimate visual vocabularies which are vulnerable and empowering, personal and collective, cathartic and affirmative.

Due to the fragile and immersive nature of the works in the gallery, only 35 tickets are available for this event. We recommend booking in advance.

Please note that this event will be standing.


Phoebe Boswell: The Space Between Things

14 Dec 2018 - 30 Mar 2019


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Banner images: 1) Phoebe Boswell, She Summons an Army, Untitled 32, 2018.  Courtesy the artist / Sapar Gallery, New York. 2) Phoebe Boswell, Rapture [detail], 2018. Still from single-channel Video. Courtesy the artist. 3) Phoebe Boswell, Ythlaf. Still from single-channel Video, 2018. Courtesy the artist.