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A Call to Care: Pamela Franklin

POSTED: 10 November 2020

Pamela Franklin spoke to us about the creation of the Caribbean Social Forum, and how they reimagined exchanges between elderly members in a bid to fight the isolation of lockdown

The Caribbean Social Forum was founded in 2015 by, and for, the ‘matured children’ of the Windrush Generation. Set up by Pamela Franklin in response to the lack of social opportunities for the elder Caribbean community in London and beyond, it has grown to more than 600 registered members, all aged 50-95. The group meets each week to share experiences with talks, dancing, music, singing, discussion groups, writing and more. We’ve been lucky enough to welcome the Forum several times to Autograph, and they have always been lively events! The group aims to energise and involve the elder Caribbean community, shaping futures that more accurately reflect the lives they lead.

When the Covid-19 pandemic started, Pamela used her digital experience to reimagine exchanges between members in a bid to fight the isolation of lockdown – particularly for those who are elderly. Using Zoom and WhatsApp, the Forum has transformed their programmes, hosting different online sessions 6 days a week.

Watch Ali Eisa’s interview with Pamela below, about the compassion from which the Forum was created, and how they’re continually updating how the group engages to fulfil a mission to “make the end years more exciting than the former years”, even during a global pandemic.

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Banner image: Past Caribbean Social Forum events at Autograph.

Images on page: 1+3) Past Caribbean Social Forum events at Autograph. 2) From the Caribbean Social Forum WhatsApp, courtesy Caribbean Social Forum.