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New Curatorial Research – East African Artists in Conversation

POSTED: 07 November 2023

Sharing new research centralising conversations with women artists addressing issues of climate justice and the politics of representation in their work

ABOUT THE project

In November 2022, 10 early to mid-career curators from England, Ethiopia, Kenya, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Senegal, South Africa, Uganda and Wales - including Autograph’s curator Bindi Vora - joined British Council on a delegation to the Venice Biennale, Milk of Dreams.

Together, the curators participated in an interactive programme exploring the question “how do curatorial and artistic practices allow for a space for radical imagination that centralises black womxn artists?” This question prompted reflective and collective discussions in relation to the work they do and how they use their curatorial practices as a space to articulate new ideas, discourses and transnational dialogues for social and political change.

Following the delegation, the curators were invited to undertake further research and development to interrogate what the term ‘representation’ means today. Now, we are sharing a series of conversations between Bindi and artists with ties to East Africa who focus on issues of climate justice and the environment in their work, alongside a broader framework examining the politics of representation.

Syowia Kyambi, I Have Heard Many Things About You, 2016


Wanja Kimani, Weathering Bodies [still], 2022


Aesthetic Justice: Love and Language in Exile

In conversation with Ugandan artist Bathsheba Okwenje

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Tricking the Colonial Tricksters: Intervening in Ethnographic Space

A conversation with Kenyan artist and curator Syowia Kyambi

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Telling Tales of Black Women’s Bodies in Rural Landscapes

In conversation with UK based artist and curator Wanja Kimani

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Envisaging Genealogies and Disability Justice

A conversation with British Mauritian artist Sabrina Tirvengadum

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Bathsheba Okwenje, from the series Gang Kikome and Other Things We Left Behind, 2018 -

Sabrina Tirvengadum, If We Were Marrier d’Unienville, 2023

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Banner image: The Biennials Connect delegation. Image credit: Akya Sy.

Images on page: 1) Syowia Kyambi, I Have Heard Many Things About You, performance still, Bremen, Germany, 2016. Video produced by Cantufan Klose. 2) Wanja Kimani, Weathering Bodies [film still], 2022. Courtesy the artist. 3) Bathsheba Okwenje, from the series Gang Kikome and Other Things We Left Behind, 2018 - 4) Sabrina Tirvengadumrem in collaboration with Mark Allred, If We Were Marrier d’Unienville, 2023.