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ActionSpace Artists at Autograph

POSTED: 22 October 2018

Thompson Hall, Andrew Omoding and Ian Wornast joined us for Thursday Late at the gallery, sharing and discussing their work.

Every Thursday, we keep the galleries open late - until 9pm. Alongside Autograph's current exhibitions, we frequently invite artists and groups to join us in the Studio for events, pop-up displays and discussion.

It was a pleasure to have three artists from ActionSpace at our Thursday Late on 27 September. Thompson Hall displayed his striking paintings using colours, patterns and motifs drawn from London landmarks and his Ghanaian heritage – part of his search for home, identity and ancestry. Responding to Omar Victor Diop's exhibition Liberty / Diaspora, he gave an informal gallery talk.

Andrew Omoding demonstrated his participatory sculpture, and Ian Wornast featured his works inspired by transport connections and links throughout London. All three artists chatted with visitors throughout the evening over drinks, and had a great time.

Opening up our space for the exchange of ideas is an important part of Autograph's work. Want to know about future Thursday Late events? Join our newsletter.


ActionSpace is a London based visual arts organisation. They support artists with learning disabilities and create innovative projects for people with learning disabilities to engage with the visual arts.


Watch a short film about Thompson Hall

Part of our programme exploring disability, neuro-diversity and rights – relating to creative practice, in partnership with Project Art Works.


EXPLORERS project, delivered by Project Art Works, a three-year programme of art and conversation working with 12 national art organisations. The EXPLORERS programme is informed and led by neurodiverse communities, placing them at the heart of social, civic and cultural activity. Based in Hastings, Project Art Works is the UK’s leading artist led organisation working with children, young people and adults who have complex support needs.

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Banner image: 1) Thompson Hall with his paintings at Autograph. Photograph courtesy Autograph.

Page images, from top left: 1 - 4) ActionSpace Artists at Autograph Thursday Late. Photographs courtesy Autograph. 5) Thompson Hall, ABP Autograph [detail]. Image credit ActionSpace.