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'A Struggle For Democracy' in The Guardian

POSTED: 17 October 2018

UK-wide mass exhibition in solidarity with Shahidul Alam.

Thank you to The Guardian for featuring A Struggle for Democracy, happening now across the UK. Read the article here.

Galleries, museums and organisations are displaying images by Shahidul Alam. This mass action is in solidarity with Shahidul, and to raise awareness of the movement to free him.

Shahidul is an internationally recognised and award-winning photographer, human rights activist and digital pioneer. On 6 August, he was charged and imprisoned in Bangladesh after giving an interview to Al-Jazeera on the current wave of student protests there.

Amnesty International considers Shahidul a prisoner of conscience, detained for nothing but the legitimate use of his freedom of expression, and therefore calls for his immediate and unconditional release.


Add your voice to the campaign demanding Shahidul's immediate release. Email your support for Shahidul to Bangladesh authorities via Amnesty International. Read more and act >


A Struggle for Democracy

UK-wide mass exhibition in solidarity with Shahidul Alam

8 - 28 Oct 2018

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Page images: 1) Shahidul Alam, Smriti Azad, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1994. Image courtesy Shahidul Alam and Drik. 2) Shahidul Alam. Image courtesy Drik.