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A Different Way of Seeing

POSTED: 21 April 2020

Covid-19 got in the way of our plans to exhibit this film at Autograph, now you can watch it online

Film still from A Different Way of Seeing by Abraham Joseph, 2020
Image of the film installation A Different Way of Seeing at Autograph, London
The day we closed the gallery due to Covid-19 was also meant to be the start of a new pop-up film installation. A Different Way of Seeing was created by young artists with autism and a broad spectrum of learning differences, challenging how people like themselves are represented in mainstream media.

We’d set this up as an immersive, three-screen experience: each video portrait featured the artist speaking directly to the camera about their everyday life, flanked by shots of the places and things that inform their identity.

Based in Hackney and aged 16 - 25, all of the filmmakers are members of Mouth That Roars, a youth media organisation. Many thanks to Mouth That Roars for reworking A Different Way of Seeing so it can be viewed online. It’s a powerful project, watch it below.

Also, read more about how the project happened – and why – in our interview with Denise Rose at Mouth That Roars.


A Different Way of Seeing is in partnership with Mouth That Roars, a youth media company which was set up with the sole purpose of training young people in film production who wouldn’t ordinarily have access to media resources.

Mouth That Roars enables young people who are quite often misrepresented a space to be heard, and a medium through which they can voice their thoughts and feelings.


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A Different Way of Seeing is part of the EXPLORERS project, delivered by Project Art Works, a three-year programme of art and conversation working with 12 national art organisations. The EXPLORERS programme is informed and led by neurodiverse communities, placing them at the heart of social, civic and cultural activity. Based in Hastings, Project Art Works is the UK’s leading artist led organisation working with children, young people and adults who have complex support needs.

Support by Arts Council England Lottery Fund
Supported using public funding by Arts Council England
Mouth That Roars
Also supported by Project Artworks
Also supported by EXPLORERS Project
Also supported by Paul Hamlyn Foundation

Page images, from top: 1) Abraham Joseph, 2020. Courtesy Mouth That Roars. 2) A Different Way of Seeing at Autograph, London.

Video: Courtesy Mouth That Roars.