Our Mission

Autograph’s mission is to enable the public to explore identity, representation, human rights and social justice through work produced by artists who use photography and film.

Our key aim is to connect audiences with our mission through the presentation of artistic programmes in the UK and internationally. Our strategy to deliver this aim is three-fold:

• Commission new work or present existing work made by contemporary artists which speaks to our mission

• Research, display and publish work which address the subjects of identity, representation, rights and justice

• Encourage the production of new knowledge and learning about this subject matter, both alone and through collaboration with other institutions.

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'A people's art is the genesis of their freedom'

Claudia Jones


  • We produce an annual programme of exhibitions of still and moving image works created by selected artists at our Rivington Place galleries in Shoreditch

  • Our curators produce exhibitions and displays for touring purposes, or as collaborative projects with partners beyond our galleries at Rivington Place

  • We produce contemporary and archive publications and digital resources; we provide an annual events programme both on and offsite.

  • Residencies and other participation opportunities are offered to artists and curators to support professional development

  • Autograph enters into selected strategic partnerships which can be of any duration - from several months to several years – are mission related and allow us to add value to our activity programmes

  • We manage and develop the Autograph photographic archive

  • We encourage print and film loans to other galleries and institutions, the development of our collection and print publishing, all of which improves the representation of under-served communities of interest.


  • We continuously audit our visitor numbers and visitor make up in the UK using standardised industry methods approved by key stakeholders

  • We analyse quantitative and qualitative information about beneficiaries to make sure we meet the needs of priority groups that we want to attract and serve over each of our three-year business plan cycles

  • We monitor press and media responses to our programme and seek feedback from all partners to support continuous quality improvement

  • We monitor the cultural profile of all artists, curators, presenters and partners contributing to the programme to make sure that we identify and present works, artists and issues, which match our strategy.